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For those times that you end up getting hooked on a thought or feeling.. Now you can use your hook card to get yourself unhooked asap!

Following strategies from ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), your Hook Card will give you your favourite defusion strategies at your fingertips, at the times you need them the most!

Completely personalized and available in different sizes (Large and Wallet size), so you can have them when and where you need them. Now when you’re stressed all you have to remember to do is grab your hook card!

All cards are backed on yellow paper and have a picture of a hook on one side (so they’re easy to find), and your personalized strategies and tips on the other.

See below for examples:

Large and Wallet Size (Back)
Large Card (3.5x4)
Large Card (3.5×4)
Large Card (3.5x4)
Large Card (12 Items)
Wallet Size
Wallet Size (10 Items)


I created these for myself when I was going through ACT. I found that the strategies were very helpful, but whenever I was really anxious or stressed, I had a difficult time remembering what to do! Carrying my notes around with me and frantically rummaging through them wasn’t working, I needed something portable and easy to read. I made a few cards; keeping one at the office, in my living room, beside my bed, and in my wallet.

This is one of my personal cards (As you can see I need to swear to get myself to listen sometimes 😉 ) And there it is in my wallet- easy to spot and ready to grab!



I found these very helpful when learning to use strategies, and still go to them when I’m struggling.

My hope is to help others by creating these personalized cards for anyone who thinks it will benefit them, so they too have the tools at their fingertips! This is a passion project for me and an opportunity to contribute to the tribe, so the payments received are to cover the costs of materials and operation only.


1. Place your order via PayPal 

Size Options

2. Complete the order form and email to me at Hook Cards Order Form

PERSONALIZE THIS AS MUCH AS YOU WANT- If there isn’t room on the form to explain what you are looking for, just write it in the email when you send along your form. (For example, if you want “Drop the FUCKING rope” on your card too – sometimes swearing just makes everything better 😉 )

3. Get your cards in the mail.

I will send you a confirmation email to let you know that I received your order and another one once your order is shipped out.

Please feel free to email me at or comment below if you have any questions, special requests, or if you just feel like it!



This project was generously sponsored by Inspired Living Medical and their Learning4Life (L4L) Initiative

To find out more about the Learning for Life Initiative go to:

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