‘Put On Your Own Mask First’ Challenge


Self-care has a bad rep; it’s too often looked at as an indulgence, as a selfish act that “caring” people wouldn’t dare focus on. In reality, self-care is the best thing anyone can do for themselves AND everyone around them.

When we fail to make ourselves a priority, our health and well-being suffer. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of their own well-being, and if you neglect this it’s not only you who is affected- it’s everyone around you too. When we try to support others to our own detriment, we aren’t able to support them in the best way because we aren’t healthy ourselves. Just as the oxygen mask on the airplane; you aren’t going to be able to help others if you fail to put your own mask on first.

Check out this post by Dr. E.A. Wilson on “Re-defining Selfish”


This challenge will help make self-care a priority in your life; a daily practice, a way of being. The ‘Put On Your Own Mask First’ Challenge will involve daily tasks to focus on your well being along with mindfulness challenges, borrowed from the ‘Live Where Your Feet Are’ Challenge, as I have found mindfulness a key part of self-care.

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I’m very excited to take this self-care/mindfulness challenge with you all!



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