‘Live Where Your Feet Are’ Challenge




I’ve started asking myself this many times a day. Whenever I get caught up in my mind; either thinking about things that happened in the past or worrying about the future, I ask myself this simple question. And if that wasn’t “crazy” enough, I actually answer it. Sometimes even out loud.

Why, you ask? It helps me get grounded – brings me back to the present moment. It reminds me that here and now is the only place I need to be. It may sound limiting to aspire to only go as far as where your feet are, but it’s actually very liberating and allows you to genuinely connect to your present moment – and the kicker of course is that this is the only place we ever actually get to live.

I invite you to try asking yourself this question throughout the day and see if you can bring your mind to align with your feet.


As for the challenge..

In addition to asking this question and reminding yourself to live where your feet are; I propose the first

‘Live Where Your Feet Are’ Challenge 

Every day starting April 11th (for 31 days) I will post a daily mindfulness challenge.

Participate in this challenge by following me on Twitter @Mindful__Dragon or join the MindfulDragon Facebook page.

You can also sign up for the challenge by sending me an email at themindfuldragon@gmail.com with subject “Live Where Your Feet Are Challenge”, that way you will receive daily emails with the challenge of the day!

Interested but worried you can’t add yet another thing to your plate?

Well, good news. The challenge won’t be time consuming; in fact all the exercises will be part of your daily life. The only difference will be your level of awareness while doing things that you are already doing.

Can’t wait to start the challenge with you and see how we all make out living where our feet are!


This page was inspired by:  Erin Lanahan’s blog post “5 Lessons about Being Present: Freedom is Where My Feet Are” on TinyBuddha.com

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