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The Mindful Dragon is now offering Life Coaching services! 

The Mindful Dragon wants to help YOU spread your wings and stay grounded!

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone who empowers people to..

  • seek and attain personal goals
  • thrive as an individual through enhancements of personal strengths
  • develop greater satisfaction and meaning in life

A Life Coach helps by guiding people toward greater self-awareness so they can make appropriate and sustainable decisions about their own lives (decisions that promote happiness and fulfillment). Developing awareness is a necessary part of coaching, change, and personal development (imagine trying to get directions from google maps with only the destination).

A Life Coach can support greater self-care, finding more passion, developing better personal relationships, finding a new career, and much more. A Life Coach can help you find more direction in life, and help you focus on what’s most important.

Life Coaching is solution-focused. A Life Coach can help you define the big picture you are striving for, and break down goals into actionable steps while providing accountability and ongoing support to ensure you make progress!

“What I’m All About” aka my office artwork

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CAN Certified Life Coach

“My purpose is to develop authentic connections, and to inspire and empower others to live authentic, fulfilled lives.”


I believe in living fiercely and authentically. My journey has involved rebuilding my identity, simplifying my life, discovering who I am and what I’m capable of, and designing a life I love – a life I’m excited to live every day (not just weekends and holidays). I strongly believe in living now (not waiting) and living on purpose, and I’m wildly passionate about inspiring others to do the same!

I build authentic, compassionate coaching relationships. My clients describe our sessions as relieving, focusing, and empowering.

My approach to coaching is to guide you to greater self-awareness, direction, and joy; while providing strategies that will make a difference in your everyday life. To help you view the whole picture, while being able to zoom in and focus on actionable steps for real, tangible, progress.  It is my intention to use the skills I have developed to empower you to create a life you are excited to live!

Areas of Expertise:

Anxiety & Difficult Emotions/Thoughts: Using mindfulness and strategies from positive psychiatry, to increase calm and stop emotions from being barriers to your life.

Increasing Satisfaction & Fulfillment: We’ll look at how you spend your time, reflect and discover what you truly enjoy, look at ways to reduce stress and undesirable activities, and find  ways to add more joy to your every day!

Rebuilding Identity: Life take an unexpected turn? I’ll help you navigate this new territory as you figure out who you are going to be in this new reality.

Goal Attainment & Celebration: I’m a big pusher on celebrating the wins- big and small. Expect to be held accountable not only for your goals, but also for celebrating them!

Building Confidence & Courage: Developing tools to build courage and confidence, pushing outside of your comfort zone, and feeling the magical effects that arise from doing the impossible.

Boundaries: Helping people pleasers recover their power, build healthier relationships, and experience the beauty in saying NO.

Self-Worth, Self-Love, Self-Compassion: Do your needs matter as much as everyone else’s? Are you always giving yourself a hard time? Are you your own worst bully? This work can help you recover a sense of worth, appreciation for yourself, and learn to respond to yourself with compassion. Not sure you deserve this yet? Then this work is for you!

Simplifying & Decluttering: Decluttering your physical space can lead to less stress, more freedom, and a greater sense of joy. Discover the magic of less and the beauty of being surrounded by your favourite things. Experience the benefits simplifying your life will have on much more than your closet space.

Finding Passions/Hobbies: Finding more joy in the everyday, trying new things, re-investing in old passions.

I work with people in-person in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and virtually around the world! I offer a complimentary introductory session so we can get to know each other and see if we’d be a good fit.

Has living “the good life” been reserved for vacations, or always something you will do later? The time to change that is now. Let’s get started so you can begin living a life you truly love!

You’ve done enough waiting, it’s time to start living.


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Hear what my clients are saying!

“Jeana was an absolutely incredible life coach and I cannot believe I was one of her first clients–it feels like she has been doing this for a long time now given the quality of our sessions together and the feedback she has given me.

From the very first session I was worried that it would feel awkward over the phone, but she made me feel comfortable right from the get-go and I truly appreciate that. She made it very personal by telling me what her highs and lows were each week. Just knowing that someone qualified to be a life coach isn’t perfect themselves– and that she also experiences lows too–made me feel like I could open up more.

Her biggest strength, in my opinion, was her ability to help me set smart goals that were realistic and attainable. When I didn’t achieve what I wanted to in two weeks, she was not judgmental at all. Instead, she helped me adjust my goals into something even more attainable and I truly respected that. I would recommend Jeana to anyone I know who is in need of some life skills coaching. In fact, I have already recommended her to one of my roommates and she is already gaining so much from Jeana already.

Jeana is both motivating and inspiring, and I truly admire her positivity.”

Sarah M. (Nova Scotia)


“Jeana helped me separate myself from my anxieties and look at it in a different way. This helped me be able to reach my goals and to focus on what is really important.

Before life coaching I was having a hard time prioritizing what was important. With her informative activities and knowledge,   Jeana helped me make a plan to achieve my goals.”

Chantal (Nova Scotia)


“I am grateful for the time that I spent working with Jeana.  Her compassion and listening skills created a safe space for me to be authentic with her.  I was able to openly share and discuss important and very personal life goals. Her direction and support gave me a sense of trust in her and myself to work through change and personal growth.”  

Sarah R (Ontario)


“Working with Jeana through her Life Coaching Service was a wonderful experience. She helped me create a healthy lifestyle program that was attainable and effective. In the process, I learned a lot about myself.”

H (Nova Scotia)

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