About Me

Welcome to my journey of learning to authentically live a value-based life.


I started this blog to have a creative outlet to share my new way of living and the transformation I’m going through from living as a mouse to being a dragon. I hope this blog will be a way to connect with people who are passionate about the same things, offer some inspiration, and promote building strong and healthy tribes (friends, families, communities).

My main passions are learning to be authentic, connecting to my ‘strong and healthy self’, and living my values (which include practicing mindfulness and living in the present).

To me being authentic means being completely real with myself and while connecting with others. It means owning my experiences and feelings; not shutting them down or minimizing them. Not pretending that everything is fine when it isn’t. It means connecting with people about things that matter, expressing empathy, and being supportive. My goal is to put my true self out there, and to connect with others in a way that they feel truly seen, heard, and valued.


Connecting to my ‘Strong and Healthy Self’ is about being the dragon. Being me, unapologetically. Being as big and strong as I can be. Giving myself permission to do what’s most healthy for me; listening to what makes me feel weaker and stronger. Learning not to minimize myself or defy the dragon by pretending to be a mouse.

be you

Living my values is about making decisions of how to live based on what I value most. My values are: TRIBE (connecting to others), HEALTH (body and mind), CONTRIBUTION, BEING PRESENT (mindfulness), CREATIVITY, and GROWTH.


Currently I am busy creating and living a life I love; including running my own business, spending time in nature, being a life coach, practicing yoga and meditation, weight training, spending quality time with my tribe, and of course – writing.

A lot has changed in my life since I started this blog; and that journey is here within all of the posts. To read about what lead me to pursue a life of  values and authenticity in the first place, see My Journey.


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