Dream, Design, Repeat.

This post is based on the silly smile I can’t wipe off my face as I sit here watching the sunset and listening to the birds getting ready to settle for the night. On March 2nd. 

I have been feeling very inspired lately to dream again, to build on to the life I have designed, yet again. Feeling inspired is a product of this environment and the space and time I have carved into this designed life of mine. I am so grateful I took the risk to dream and the even riskier job of leaping into making it a reality. The life design process is never done, but every time you let yourself dream and create it, you feel that much more capable and possible – and free to dream up even more. I love the surge of creativity that happens to me during my time here in Costa Rica. It solidifies to me just how important creating that space, energy, and time for myself is to furthering my ability to dream, build, and live my best life. 

The first leap I took was certainly the hardest because I was stuck in a mindset and reality that reflected that what I want isn’t possible. When you have nothing to counter those beliefs, they feel like truths, and it’s damn hard to convince yourself to take a leap when it’s seen as a simple fact that it isn’t going to work. For me, getting to the point that not taking the leap was scarier than taking it and falling on my face, was crucial to that first time on the edge. I have found this a key for clients too. You don’t have to know it will work or even convince yourself that it most likely will work, you just have to be at the point that it’s more painful to keep standing where you are. You need to move. And when that move takes you closer to where you want to be, the momentum your moves create can be, well, life changing.

After four years of being on a path of truly designing my life, I now welcome dreaming. It doesn’t feel as scary anymore because things feel more possible. And, even when they don’t work out (because not everything will) it gives you a power of knowing you can survive it and things will still be okay. Failure, per se, just feels like another possibility, a completely overcome-able outcome – not a reason to talk yourself out of trying anything.

Another thing I’ve noticed about the life design journey is that it truly feels like a journey. In the best of ways. I love what I’ve created so far. And yet, I love that with every dream and re-design I am simply loving it even more. It truly is a process of ongoing “dream, design, repeat”. As I mentioned before, it does feel easier the more times you do it. It even becomes a natural process of your existence. I’ve been having all of these ideas lately for my businesses, my living situation, my transportation needs, and it only just hit me today that what I’m actually doing is this life design process. 

I have huge ideas that are definitely not going to be easy to create, but for some reason, they all feel super possible at the moment. It’s an intoxicating feeling. So much so, I honestly don’t care if I’m “being realistic”. It feels good to be in this space, and it’s leading me to have even more dreams come up. Who knows which ones will develop – but it might just be one that was inspired by my “unrealistic dreaming state” – and that kind of blows my mind, ecstatically. 

I got into the habit of practicing gratitude as I watch the sun fade away every night in this paradise. As the orange globe sinks into the horizon and the cicadas start their evening song, I speak softly to myself and list three things I am grateful for from the day. The immense gratitude I feel for having the courage to live a life I intentionally designed, and to create space  for continuing to dream and design, plasters the biggest, silliest smile on my face that I can’t wipe off. 

Part of my life design involves supporting others through this Life Design process so they can live their best lives too. Need help taking that first leap? Together, you will Dream it. Build it. Live it.