Acceptance, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm?

(Originally written March 13th, in the San Jose airport. Unfortunately the wifi wouldn’t work to post it, so here it is now.) 

It’s official. Dragons are migratory creatures. I always suspected it was so, but now I know for sure. There is no way this was a vacation. This is just the marking of a new way of life; a life that involves migrating south for a month or two while winter is roaring on in Canada. Just like a bird. This dragon is migrating.

My time in the Delicious Coast was precious. Enlightening and enjoyable. I read 11 books (almost 12), practiced yoga and meditation daily, kept up my weight training, and spent time poolside and walking the paths. I woke up to no alarm, ate simply, and had ample time and space to just be – and connect.

Now I’m on my way back to Canada; and it turns out it’s going to be quite a journey. My flight to Toronto was delayed two hours, and my flight to Halifax was cancelled. Now I’ve received notification that they have rebooked me on a flight for two days from now and there’s nothing I can even try to do until I get there. Forget that I have not budgeted for two nights in Toronto and that I have zero winter clothes with me. I’m noticing a lot of “I wish my reality was different” thoughts right about now.

This morning, before I left for the airport at 5am, I wrote on my arm three words. Three words that I have been trying to choose between at each moment. Acceptance. Enjoyment. Enthusiasm. 

In Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” he discusses how in order to be in the present moment we can bring at least one of the following to each situation; acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm. I have been keeping these words close to me to work on this practice. Today it’s pretty easy to know which one I’m going to choose and work hardest on; acceptance. But I wrote them all there to help me acknowledge the choice. And perhaps see if I can bring enjoyment into any moments. As I write now, I do notice that I have some enjoyment sitting here writing, using my suitcase as a footrest, in a quiet, people-less section of the airport.

This practice certainly keeps me in the moment. Even when I am creating suffering or having a really hard time accepting – I can notice this and see my choice (there’s really only three choices, and they’re written in ink on my arm.. pretty hard to miss). It’s quite impossible to fool yourself into thinking there’s this other “out of my control misery” when you can read exactly what your options are. It doesn’t make it easy mind you, but it does make it clear that my suffering is coming from my rejection of the present moment.

Things right now feel overwhelming, uncertain, and disappointing. In order to bring some calm to my acceptance, I’m trying to focus on my resilience and resourcefulness. I know I can figure things out, even if I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. I have to remind myself that no matter what, I do believe in my resilience, and life is what it is.

I take a deep breath, look down, and ask myself. So which one am I going to bring to this moment? 

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  1. “My suffering is coming from rejection of the present moment”. Thank you for those words……they are very helpful. It helps shape moments of choices between reality and fantasy and how I reject reality. How suffering comes from all the choices I made to reject all those present moments….

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