Are You Ready?

There’s this idea society has adopted that in order to be “ready” for something, we must be sure we have all the knowledge, strength, and skill needed to accomplish what we’re going forward to do.

This notion of “being ready” equating to not being able to fail is simply bullshit. We are stagnating ourselves from making changes, transforming our lives, taking risks, going after what we really want, because we just aren’t ready (and we never truly feel that we are) when we define “ready” in this sense. How could you ever feel confident in succeeding in something you’ve never done? 

And sure, when it comes to packing a suitcase for a trip or studying for a test, this idea of being able to adequately prepare and feel like you will succeed may be something worth striving for before doing the thing. But when it comes to making changes in your life, this idea that we should feel confident in our success BEFORE even attempting to do it is ludicrous, and it’s keeping us stuck.

If we all wait until we FEEL ready and invincible, we will never have the lives we really want. We will never know what’s possible. We will never experience what life really has to offer.

Because we’ll just be standing backstage, waiting for our nerves to calm down or to master every step. And the difference between the one shaking backstage and the dancers on stage isn’t how ready or confident they FEEL – it’s how COURAGEOUS they are choosing to be DESPITE their feelings.

Fuck ready – You need to get out there and dance.

The whole idea of “being ready” seems a bit like wishful thinking anyway – and clearly hindering when it comes to personal/professional growth. So that’s why I challenge this idea of “ready” and encourage you all to chuck it out and replace it with the following..

  • Do you know why you want/need to do this thing?
  • Are you clear on the value you are pursuing in this venture?
  • Are you uncomfortable enough in your present state to make a change?
  • Is the idea of not trying appalling to you? (Perhaps even worse than the idea of trying it and failing?)
  • Do you wish that you were smarter/more skilled/more confident/more fit/more SOMETHING before doing this thing?
  • Do you worry that you aren’t good enough to do this thing? Perhaps thinking, “who do you think you are?!” 
  • Are you scared that it will all blow up in your face?

Great!  Then consider yourself READY.

Because that is what ready really looks like. People who take the risks and go after what they want are not sitting there thinking they are perfect and 100% confident they’ve got this. They are going for it, despite the fears and doubts and wishes that they could be perfect before even beginning. They are fed up where they are and ready to make the leap because staying where they are and not pursuing this venture is more painful than the idea of falling.

Next time you’re debating making a change and you’re asking yourself “Am I really ready for this?” Don’t ask, “Can I DO this?”, ask yourself, “Can I NOT?”.

Stop waiting to be READY – just GET SET and GO.

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