I’m sure there’s a lesson here…


I went walking in the woods today. The air was chilly and the ground crisp, as you would expect for December, but it was perfect because I needed to be there. Navigating around roots and mossy rocks I found some stability. The woods always have a way of grounding me, at least for the moment. I engage with the beauty, trying to stay mindful while thoughts still jumble around in my head. I hug the tree trunk in front of me and let tears fall down my cold cheeks. It holds me; supportive and strong.  As I grasp it like it’s my lifeline, I look up and see it’s empty branches.


I think back to my hikes months ago when I couldn’t even see the sky through the thick ceiling of foliage. And then, the beautiful leaves that painted the sky and littered the ground with a beautiful myriad of color. And now, empty branches.


I used to think of autumn like an ending, a colourful finale. The leaves displaying how beautiful death can be. Today I rethink this.

The tree is still alive.

8 thoughts on “I’m sure there’s a lesson here…”

  1. Well put and very true…thanks for helping me to understand to appreciate things through each stage of LIFE and not focus the one that preceeds death. Also given that we have a way of becoming one with the earth again…..isn’t part of us and every living thing always in some way alive.

  2. The tree is alive. You are alive. Feel your own roots extend through the ground beneath you and allow yourself to feel the strength that it brings. And breathe. You will get through this. You are strong and can weather this storm – just like the tree. Seasons will change. Spring will come again. Much love xo

  3. This post feels so sad, but the kind of sadness that is also laced with beauty. It’s haunting really.

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